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Grandma & Grandpa Farmer were both born in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Both of us were unaware of each others exhistance until we met at a bowling alley in 1972 right after Mike was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps as a Vietnam Veteran.  The rest is history.

Both of our families were originally farmers, well most of them anyway.  Mike's family homesteaded in the Arcadia/Lichfield area of north central Nebraska and in Nemaha/Otoe Counties of Southeast Nebraska.  Jean is a third generation Immigrant on both sides who came to Lincoln, Nebraska from Russia and to /Lincon, Nebraska from Berlin, Germany and Prague then Barttlet/Chambers, Nebraska Areas from the Bohemian/Austrian boarder.  The other parts of Jean's family homesteaded Holt county having come from Alabama/Tennesee/North Carolina and through Central Iowa. Most of these folks being at least part Cherokee Indian.

That said, with farming in our blood we began purchasing larger and larger pieces of farm ground through our marrige and child rearing years.  We grew up city kids but learned to grow our own food and to homestead in today's modern age.  Eventually we began growing food for others, always looking for the old paths of natural, grass-fed and 'organic' methods.  We grew and sold fruits and vegetables, baked goods, jams and jellies, raw goat and cows milk along with cheeses and yogurt.

Now that we are older we have reduced the number of acres and don't grow as much for others but still dabble in it all for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and a few others.  Never-the-less we have stories to tell and we'll tell them here.

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