Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Grandma Farmer New Focus, Yet The Same

Grandma Farmer is reviving her BLOG and posting again!  Our Focus is the same yet very different!

Our BLOG is for you if you......
  1. Know someone who is a Senior
  2. Are 55+ Yourself
  3. You have family members that are Seniors
  4. Want to help
The elderly are an extremely frail part of our population.  It is estimated that by 2019 over 29% of the United States population will be over the age of 55 years. Seniors are thrust into a confusing Social Security and Medicare system that is constantly changing.

Changes, Changes, Changes As We Age
  • Nutrition requirements Change
  • Exercise Changes
  • Health Changes, Our Bodies Are Changing
  • Society Looks at You Differently
  • Relationships Change and We Suffer Losses
We Are Here To Help

We will be BLOGGING recipes and menus, special articles, and guest posts on topics of interest to SENIORS and their FAMILIES. Look for 2-3 post a week so subscribe or join our Facebook page so you don't miss a single post.