Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Our pages above contain information about us. One of the pages is the DAILY GRACE page which contains the following WEEKLY CHECK-UP which is a great way to check-up on how you are doing in your walk with CHRIST.

Listen to this great tune while reading this!

I hope you will find this Check-up something that benefits you and that you use often.
Answer the following with "mostly true", 'somewhat true' or 'not true'.
My Walk With Christ:
  • I have had regular times alone this week with God in prayer and in His Word.
  • I have taken the time to meditate on what I have read and have fully obeyed what He has commanded.
  • I talk to God and am conscious of His presence throughout each day.
  • I prepare my heart for worship before I walk in the door at my Church on Sunday morning.
  • I anticipate being with God and the body of Christ as we worship together each Sunday.
  • I am involved with some Kind of Bible Study with other believers that stimulates my walk with Christ.
  • I have confessed all known sin in my life to Christ and have turned from it.
  • My life is regularly characterized by the fruit of the Spirit.

My Fellowship With the Body of Christ:

  • I am regularly using my spiritual gifts to minister to the body of Christ.
  • I regularly encourage and build up my brothers and sisters in Christ when we meet together.
  • I regularly pray for the leadership of our church.
  • I serve with joy in the ministries that I have been entrusted with.
  • I give my very best in my service to the body.
  • I make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit among our church family.
  • Today, I know of no relationship in teh church body where I owe an apology.
  • Today, I know of no relationship in the church body where I need to confront another's sin.
My Use of the Resources God Has Entrusted Me With:
  • I give to the Lord regularly and proportionately as God has blessed me.
  • I am disciplined with all that the Lord has blessed me with and use His resources wisely.
My Use of the Time God Has Entrusted Me With:
  • All I have done this week has been for the glory of God and has not dishonored Him in any way.
  • I set aside regular time each week to rest and become refreshed.
My Ministry to those outside the body of Christ:
  • I have meaningful connections with yet-to-be believers and pray regularly for them to receive

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