Friday, June 1, 2012

Lavender Bundles

We are picking Lavender this weekend!  The bee's are busy working the lavender in Grandma Farmer's Garden.  After picking we tie them into bundles to dry and be sold 2/$6. We will ship! CONTACT US with your address for shipping fees. Harvested at its peak for color and scent, our fragrant bundles of naturally grown lavender are perfect for wreaths, bouquets, and any decorative use. 

Lovely and fragrant aroma therapy for any room.

Does Lavender Help You De-stress

Can relaxing with lavender help? The Egyptians thought so. They relaxed by adding lavender to their bath water and so can we! What worked more than 2000 years ago still works today.

Clinical trials are confirming many of the things not only those Egyptians knew long ago; but other lavender uses throughout the centuries have also attested to … relaxing with lavender works.

Health Benefits of Lavender

There are many health benefits with lavender. If you choose lavender for health and well-being, maybe you have noted some of these benefits too.

  • Has been used as a relaxant

  • Can be of benefit when stressed or anxious

  • Is noted for effectiveness in healing acne

  • Assists with wound healing

  • May be refreshing when tired and exhausted

  • May improve appearance and balance of oily skin

  • Has been known to heal burns

  • May assist with reducing scarring

  • Used as an insect repellant

  • Soothes sunburn (do NOT use as sunblock)

  • Acts as healing agent for cuts and abrasions

  • May alleviate nausea

  • Effective in treatment of athletes foot
With its antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties; lavender for health and well-being is certainly one to consider.

And this list of the health benefits of lavender is in no way exhaustive. However, for diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition; it is advisable to seek medical help.  Herbs never work the same on a large group of individuals.

Lavender is an Amazing Aromatic Herb

The fact that lavender has many healing properties and is also such an amazing aromatic herb, is a bonus. I will continue using lavender for my health and well-being. Maybe you will too.

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