Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Moments

Even my week to get caught up and finish projects for our biggest birthday month (July) in our family didn't happen.  I'm a little behind and have gotten sidetracked on yet another new project......a workable dayplanner that could have the potential to actually keep me on it possible?

It still looks like a pile of papers to me.............Hope I get it ready by the end of the week as the first day of July is rushing rapidly upon us!  The weather definately tells me IT IS SUMMER!

What's Coming Out of Our Garden?

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Spiritual Food
Reading Through the Bible In a Year
We are again attempting to read through the Bible this year. Just joining us or did you get behind? No matter and no need to play catch-up. Start where you are today and go forward.

Monday:  Luke 7:1-10, Philippians 4:14-23, Psalms 122, 2 Kings 24-25
Use the rest of the week to play catch-up or read an encouraging book.
Sunday:  Luke 7:11-17, Colossians 1:1-14,, Psalms 123-124, 1 Chron 1-2

We also like to read a Proverb a Day corresponding to the day of the month. This month I am memorizing Psalms 20, could you memorize a Psalm in July?

Physical Food
This Weeks Menu

SundayGrilled Tuscan Chicken (I'm using Cornish Game Hens), Stir-Fry Veggies,  Baked Potato, Coconut Cream Pie
MondayScallops with Bok Choy over Cello Noodles
Tuesday -  Taco Salad
Wednesday - Italian Liver, Mashed Garlic Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans
Thursday -  Chicken Pot Pie
Friday - Salmon with Asparagus and Raspberries, Glazed Carrots
Saturday - Pizza, Super Salad

Quick Tips That Save Time and Money

How To Make An Organic Roundup Replacement:

Vinegar is a fantastic weed killer. It is non toxic, biodegradable, readily available, and it is cheap. Go to your local grocer store and purchase a gallon of white vinegar. It usually sells for... around $3. You can find a heavy duty squirt bottle at your local garden store. I recommend buying a good one, as the cheap ones do not last. For a few dollars you can buy a quart sized bottle that should last at least a year. Fill up with straight vinegar, do not dilute. Use this to spray directly on weeds that you want to get rid of. Some pesky buggers may require 2 or 3 applications.You can also use this in place of bleach. I have a couple spray bottles and have one in the garage labeled weed killer, another under the kitchen sink labeled disinfectant.

It works well, its cheap, and its all natural, You will not be poisoning the earth, risking cancer, or supporting Monsanto. Please share this information with your friends, family, neighbors, and co workers. Together we can create positive change by taking a few simple steps in the right direction.

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