Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saving Money In the Kitchen

The theme of today's post is a saying that my grandmother used to say:

Waste Not, Want Not

So today we're going to give you 10 ways to save money in the kitchen and not waste a thing!

  1.  Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays. Use in recipes that call for coffee or drop into coconut or almond milk for a refreshing drink!
  2. When you have that one or two little spoonfuls of vegetables leftover and you’re not sure it’s worth saving, chop them and put them in the freezer in a zipper bag or plastic container. Reach for these veggies for omelettes or soups.
  3. Never throw out bones from roasts, poultry or fish. Use this for making broths and stocks.
  4. The ends of baguettes and french loaves or any bread that is getting old–don’t throw it out! First dry it well in the oven overnight with the light on.  Then place in the food processor and pulse, making bread crumbs. Store in freezer.
  5. When bananas get overripe and mushy, don’t throw them out! Peel and freeze. These are perfect for banana bread, smoothies and “soft serve” non-dairy ice cream.
  6. Compost everything you can’t find a way to eat! Or feed it to your chickens. Or feed it to your worms for great vermicompost!
  7. Bruised fruit or fruit that has passed it’s prime that everyone passes up in the fruit bowl, cut it up and freeze it. Use in smoothies.
  8. Save your banana peels and plant them under your rose bushes to give your roses a potassium feed.
  9. Place used coffee grounds around your pepper and tomato plants to boost soil nitrogen.
  10. Turn leftover rice into rice pudding!

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