Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Low Carb, Low Sugar Seven Day Fast Menu Plan

What's all this about a low carb fast. Typically a 'fast' is a way to cleanse, rest, heal your body and a low carb fast is no different. What we are trying to accomplish is to remove sugar and high glycemic carbs from your diet to give your body a rest from the onslot of all that insulin rushing through your body which makes your body turn insulin resistant just to survive.

Thai Sir-fried Vegetables

I go into more detail in my post:  SCHEDULING A LOW CARB, LOW SUGAR FAST

Day One Menu

Day Two Menu

Day Three Menu

Day Three Menu

Day Four Menu

Day Five Menu

Day Six Menu

Day Seven Menu

Can your body heal itself?  I think so.  I try to do a Low Carb, Low Sugar Detox at least quarterly.  Look into other issues that might be causing your blood sugars to be out of wack.  Gluten Intollerance is one of them.  My Doctor called Type 2 Diabetes and Gluten Intollerance SISTERS.  Some are calling Alzheimers the new Type 3 Diabetes so it is prudent to get your blood sugars in control.

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