Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daylily Bed Is Now a Currant Bed

Daylily Bed Number Four is no more.  I've moved all the Daylilies out of this bed and into a 'flower bed' in front of the garden squares.  This bed was a bed of pretty pinks, mauves and ivory. I sold quite a few lilies out of that bed, they were a favorite among my customers.  I won't be offering any more of these colors for sale until the new bed gets crowded.

I don't know about you but I get these great ideas and then I tweek them as I go along.  Do you do that too?  My dear hubby doesn't like it when I get the 'let's move it' stage.  I never do it to my living room or any other room inside the house.............just my landscaping.  I think Mike would like it better if I would just move the living room furniture around every now and then.

The above picture is when we first set out the raised beds.  They've grown a lot since then.  There are asparagus in a couple and other perennial herbs in others.  I've renovated them a bit because the soil has settled so I've added manure, compost and more soil from the garden expansion we did two years ago.  Next spring the area that I reserved for the winter squash is going to sprout five new 4' x 28' beds next spring and we are adding a 12 tree orchard and a huge new garden space on the south side of our house.
I'm working on my farm beautification project.........(more grumbling from my hubby) and tomorrow we will till and prep a bed in front of one of our barns that we will grow sunflowers for the seeds in.  The chickens and goats love sunflower seeds and they are very good for them.  Plus the plants will add some beauty to that area.
What did I put in the bed?  My Black Currants did not like the place where I planted them.  So their new home is in the old Daylily Bed Number Four.   We added some manure, layed newspapers down and then mulched them with some pine mulch.  Currants like the soil to be a bit acidic so we'll add some composted chicken manure mulch in the spring and these guys should really take off.

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