Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dinosaur Flannel Rag Quilt

Cuddle up with this huge dinosaur rag quilt featuring cosey flannel fabric. The quilt is approximately 75" x 47 1/2"  and has two layers of flannel sewn together with the seams on the outside sandwiched with a cotton batting. To make this quilt a rag quilt,  cuts have been made along all the seams.  Quilt is pre-washed before it's arrival to your door to make the seems fray which gives it the cute 'rag quilt' qualities.

Animal shape rag quilts are an ideal blanket for the home, auto, travelling, school or babysitter, and simply as an extra little something to snuggle up with. Makes a lovely and unique gift.

I made the above quilt for my grandson.  I can make one for you in similar colors or other color combinations of your choice.

Cost:  $110.00 plus shipping

CONTACT ME for details on payment.  Allow 2 weeks for construction and 10 days for shipping.  I ship only tro the contenintal US

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