Monday, September 10, 2012

Thinking About The Holidays

There are just 73 days until Thanksgiving, just 90 days (actually the evening of 12/8) until Hanukkah and 106 days until Christmas!

Do you long for a stress filled holiday season?  I've been working on Holiday gifts for several months now.  I have to.........I have 18 grandchildren!  What a Blessing!

It's not to early to plan.  What day will you celebrate with who?  What gifts will you give?  How much will you spend?  Will you create your own gifts this year?  What will you cook?  Who will come?  Planning ahead leaves stress behind.  I used to tell my 4-H kids, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

I ran across this site that I subscribed to that hopefully will remind me to do certain tasks that I never thought of and that will help me to get things done.  I have never recieved the emails so I can't totally say I agree with everything that is posted but I'm hoping it will help.

101 days to christmas

101 Days to Christmas  is a focus site from Organized Christmas, day-by-day Christmas organizing site 101 Days to Christmas is designed to help you prepare for the coming holiday season, one day at a time.

Beginning on September 15, 2012, they'll post daily holiday tips for a simpler, stress-free Christmas season. So go there and sign up to get a daily reminder that will help you have an organized Holiday season.

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