Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bible Reading for February 22

Through the Bible In a Year
with notes by Pastor Chuck Smith

Matthew 20:1-16

Jesus told this parable about a man who owned a vineyard.  The man hired workers at the beginning of the day and agreed on thei wages.  Throughout the day, he continued to hire workers, right up until the last hour.  At theend of the day, he paid them all the same amount, which bothered those who had worked all day.  Te owner's response was that he had kept his word to them, and he could do whatever he wanted with his own things.

In the kingdom of God there are some people who are given huge opportunities to serve the Lord forlong periods of time.  There are others who have less opportunities.  But the point of the parable is that we all need to remain faithful in what God has called us to .

We can't watch other people and grade ourselves on the curve.  We can't compare what we are doing or what we are given with what is entrusted to others.  We must imply remain faithful in our own situation.  And whatever God does is always fair and right.

Acts 27:1-26

Julius, a centruion of Augustan Regiment, was one of the personal guards of Caesar.  He was one of the elite of the elite.  Being a centurion, he was over a hundred or so men.  Centurions were very fine men.

No doubt, Julius was a seasoned and brave soldier.  So there was a bond between Julius and Paul because it was one brave soldier meeting another.  Paul had a respect for Julius, as one of Caesar's soldiers; and Julius, no doubt, developed a tremendous respect for Paul, a soldier of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Psalms 44

Leviticus 18-20

This is what it is all about.  This is the whole point of the Law.  "You shall be hold, for I the LORD your God am hold."  God is holy and He requires holiness from His people.  Without holiness we can never approach a hold God.  Of course, it is only through accepting the righteousness of Christ that we can become holy.

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