Thursday, February 23, 2012

Labeling Your Quilts

As you know a well made quilt can last for 100 years.  I have one and it's a beauty.  It would have been nice if my great aunt would have at least put a label of some kind on it with her name and the date she finished the quilt.  I haven't started doing this yet but with this link I may just get a start on getting this job started.

Victorian Quilt Designs is among several options for some great FREE  label designs for you to get started with.

There are tons of options for the label from just using a fabric marker and writing your name and the date on the back of the quilt to a fancy paper pieced fabric label that has the information embroidered on it. 

Some companies offer pre-printed labels and there are companies that will custom make labels for you to use.

Some folks put awesome little sayings and quotes on the label to further personalize the label.  Quilters Diary offers many for you to choose from.

With all these options you're sure to find something to document your cherished quilt that you spent so much time making.


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