Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Meal Takes Planning

Believe it or not Thanksgiving takes real planning at our house and today I ordered our Thanksgiving Turkey. 

You can order your Thanksgiving Turkey today too!  We are going to be raising our own Thanksgiving Turkey this year.  This means we'll be raising an entire flock of these delish beauties.  Nothing is better than a grass feed, pasture fattened turkey to impress your family and friends.

CONTACT US if you live within your comfortable driving distance of the Nebraska City area.  Your bird will be ready for pick-up the first week or so in November.  We will dress your bird and have it ready for you.  Cost will be $2.95 per pound.  The birds will recieve some grain in addition to all the bugs and grass they can eat.  They will weigh around 12-16 pounds.   A $10 reservation fee will be required when you order your Turkey.  It's easy to order!  Just use Paypal, we'll tell you how.  Reservations for 2012 Turkeys must be in to us before May 1st.  We are raising a limited number of birds so order early.

P.S.  We are also raising a few extra chicken broiler/fryers for our friends and neighbors this summer also.  Could that be you?

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