Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Goats Have Arrived!!!

Our five Nubian Dairy Goats were bred to a Boer Meat Goat late last fall and all of them presented us with a total of 8 beautiful cross-bred goat kids.  They are all doing very well and so fun to watch as they run and jump.

We have 5 baby does and 3 baby bucks.  All are for sale depending on when you want them.  As meat goats and ready for processing they will not be ready until March next spring.  If you are looking for outstanding meat goat breeding stock that can milk enough for caring for multiple babies they are available any time.  Price depends on when you purchase them.  One of the baby bucks is already sold.

All our foundation does were bred to produce well over a gallon of milk a day.  You can't go wrong!!

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