Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Green Smoothie/Juice

I've started Green Juicing. I'm sure you've heard about the newest weight loss craze. Well don't juice because it's a craze and you don't have to juice fast exclusively. Maybe do one or two meals a day of the juice, even once is perfect for adding nutrients to your diet.

I've actually made some of this green juice stuff.........yea but I added blueberries so it didn't 'look' green, which made it more appetizing and I thought it tasted great!  Mike (dear hubby) even said he'd drink a glass every morning on the way to work.  If the green bothers you............get over it!

You can also add fresh, homemade yogurt from raw milk, a raw egg yolk (only if you know where your eggs come from so ask your farmer about how the chickens are fed and cared for), and/or goat milk whey protein.

On my wish list is a Breville juicer.  Here is Martha Stewart actually making some great green juice with the Breville juicer.

Happy Juicing!  Enjoy!!!

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