Monday, July 9, 2012

Why I Seldom Use My Clothes Dryer

Eight Reasons You Should Line Dry Your Clothes

Did you know that there is currently a movement beginning to 'legalize' the line drying of your clothing?  Yes, legalize.  It seems that many places in the United States have made it illegal to have a clothes line and dry your clothing on it.  They say it reduces their property values if you poe folk dry your clothing outside on a line.

The clothing dryer is the biggest energy hog in the homes of our country.  In 2001 studies showed that this machine accounted for 6% of the total energy usage of a household.  That was then, what would it be now?  What's more the DOE says no clothes dryer is more efficient than another other so NONE of them have received the coveted Energy Star award.

So I created these eight reasons to line dry:

  1. It save money.  Running a dryer costs a lot compared to any other applinces in your home.
  2. Drying clothes in the dryer wears them out faster.  Wonder where that lint comes from?  Your clothes become thinner and break apart every time you dry them in the dryer.
  3. Need whiter whites?  Do it without toxic bleach and dry your whites in the afternoon when the sun is the strongest.
  4. Sunlight kills bed bugs.
  5. Nothing smells sweeter than clothing dried in the fresh air.
  6. In the summer, line drying helps to keep the house cooler.
  7. Clothing dried outside in a breeze acts like a fabric softener.  No breeze and they wil be stiff but use the towel once or wear those jeans for a few minutes and they are soft again.
  8. Clothing doesn't shrink when line dried like they do in the dryer.
Can't find clothespins?  Try the dollar store, but I've found them to be a bit flimsy.  Look Here for the best clothespins.

What about Clothes Line Posts?  We advertized for some and people were glad to give them to us.  Silly folks.  A local welder would probably be glad to make you a set, for a price.  We have a huge clothes line which seems silly for just two old folks but there have been times when I've used the whole thing.

What about if it is illegal, raining or two cold to dry my clothes outside?  I have two handy little gadgets that are Amish made and purchased from Lehman's.  Lehman's has all kinds of homey gadgets.  I have used them for years.  Purchase only the best when you are looking to get indoor clothing drying racks.  Inferior racks just don't stand up to the ones I purchased from Lehman's.  The one to the left hang's on the wall and will hold a whole load of laundry.

The one to the right will hold a load of laundry plus.  It sits on the floor and while it takes up space it does the job.  We use it all winter long and even in the summer if I need something dried when it's raining or I need it dried overnight.  I usually don't leave my clothes out at night because the humidity in our neck of the woods would make this a waste of time.

Line Drying Hints:

  1. I try to get the clothes started first light, especially the colored clothes.  This keeps them from getting faded by the sun. I try to bring these in by noon. 
  2. Wash the clothes that will take the longest to dry first, ie towels, jeans, blankets.
  3. Wash whites last and leave them out in the afternoon sun.
  4. On warm days we pin two sock together matching up sock right on the line.
  5. When you take the clothes down off the line fold as you go and take the shirts, etc that need hung, off the line LAST so they don't get wrinkled in the basket.
Have you heard of Freeze Dried Clothing?  Yes, I remember my mother did it a couple of times.  It takes a LONG, LONG time to Freeze Dry clothes and you can actually dry them on a rack or on a clothes line in your basement much faster. 

Need it dried faster?  In the winter set your rack above a heat vent or put a fan infront of it.

I don't know about you but there's just some kind of satisfaction just looking out at my clothes drying in the breeze.  Happy drying!


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