Thursday, April 5, 2012

Five Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

I just loved this post from Homemakers Challenge, I've shared a portion for you!

1) Helps You to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
Yes, we have the intention of eating more vegetables and fruit. But that doesn’t mean it always happens. By having a garden right outside my kitchen door however, it forces me to use vegetables in every meal.
Suddenly I have 30 cucumbers and have to be creative in using them before they go bad. So by having an abundance of vegetables, it forces me to use them when I otherwise wouldn’t think about it.
And by having 30 cucumbers that need to be eaten in a few days, it allows me to be creative and find new favorite recipes to use. I get to experiment and make vegetables taste great! And thus we want to eat them more.
Growing Vegetables
2) Saves Money
This was my number 1 reason for starting a garden. I wanted to save money, and I have. I invested a small amount of money in some seeds, soil and a few containers. And now I can have an entire season’s worth of vegetables out on my patio. All for pennies compared to what it costs to buy this much fruit and veggies in store.
3) Teaches Kids Value of Working with Hands
Growing a garden can be a wonderful way to show kids the value of working with their hands (and a great homeschool project). Having kids plant seeds, watch them sprout and grow into large plants, and then harvesting vegetables that they get to eat teaches them that with hard work, determination, and sticking with projects, the benefits can be great. By investing some time and energy, they actually grew something to eat.
Child Helping With Garden

For the last two benefits visit Homemakers Challenge plus a bonus of a couple of other sites for Apartment gardening, etc.

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