Friday, April 13, 2012

Scrappy Friday Project

These litle Hair Bobs are the perfect in Scrap Stash Projects and they take only minutes to make.

You'll need:

2 children's hair clips
2 buttons from  your button stash
2 Fabric Scraps 3"x3"
Thread and needle
Hot Glue Gun

Choose something to use for a template and cut out two circles twice the size that you want your final project o be.  What you are making is called a yo-yo

With a basting stitch, by hand turn about 1/4 inch and bast around the entire circle.

Now pull the thread and close the circle tight and bind off.

Lay the yo-yo flower flat wih he gathers in the center.

Now you can choose and sew a button of your choice in the cener of the gathered opening.  See top picture.

I sewed the Child's hair clip to the back of the yo-yo flower.

This is a very cute and easy project inspired my project above.  Adapt for children or adults.  The original instructions are found on this site.

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