Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grandma Farmers Garden

Grandma Farmers Garden is the garden of a happy gardener, who grew up following her mother and Great Aunt to the garden as a toddler and preschooler and who was 'forced' to weed the garden as a child, but who loved to raid the garden then also. As a young adult she filled one city backyard with raised beds and taught her children to put their hands in the dirt. When given the opportunity to work with acres Grandma Farmer and her family 'gardened' 3 acres from which they shared their produce at local farmers markets for many years.

Dubbed 'Grandma Farmer' by her grandchildren; Danny and Jenny

Grandma and Grandpa Farmer moved off the farm 2.5 years ago and located on 10 acres near a couple of small towns in southeast Nebraska. This year Grandma Farmer has retired from market gardening and now just sells her 'extra' produce, or shares with those who help, as it is available. What she wishes to do now, more than anything, is to help others to create gardens in whatever space they have available.

Because they still raise a beef calf every year or two.............


milk around four outstanding Nubian Dairy Goats.................

have about 25 laying hens...........

and raise about 25 chickens annually for their use..............

Danny and Jenny still feel they should be called Grandma and Grandpa Farmer.

Danny and Jenny love to come to the "The Farm", after all, their horses live here too.

Visit us for a tour of 'The Garden'............................and often to watch it grow!


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