Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cleaning Up The Stash Thursday

If you sew and are anything like me I have a HUGE stash of fabrics (this is about a third of my stash) and yarn for projects I was going to get to or from seeing fabric or yarn I just couldn't resist and was sure I'd make something with.  I've decided to do a 'Working Through My Stash' day where I'm going to show you ideas that I've gathered, make them up and show you how you can sew or knit through your stash too!

The other day when I had this idea I was sorting fabrics and ran across a pillowcase panel I bought long ago for my granddaughter.  Remembering that I wanted to make pillowcases for all the grandkids in April I just set myself down and sewed up the pillowcase. It took me less than 30 minutes to throw it together.

Now I'll go through the stash and see what fabrics I can use to sew some for the rest of them!

Next I found some purple fabric that was just enough for a spring/summer nightgown for the same granddaughter.  I cut it out and sewed it up.  Took me about an hour.  Now I'll find some fabric for the other five little girls. It won't be hard

It's your turn!  Come up with a quick project from your stash and send me a picture and how you made the project including the time it took you to make it. It can be for any craft project.  We'll post some of them here on Cleaning Up The Stash Thursday

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