Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ramblings on Gardens and Flower Beds

Today I'm going sit down with some lovely Orchid Oolong tea and ramble a bit about life with Grandma Farmer in her gardens an flower beds.

I don't know if you noticed but I've been off my game for a while.  Last year I had two knees replaced and it wiped out my immune system.  The last 4-5 weeks I've been sick with one thing or the other and ended up totally dehydrated.  I'm finally feeling better.  I've also decided to start a totally seperate BLOG for my geneology studies and I'm consumed with getting it up and going.  Lot's of organizing of the site to get up (top pages) before I can start the blogging on that site.  www.FootstepsBehindMe.blogspot.com

The ground was to cold the other day to plant anything.  The weather is exceptional and I really want to garden!!!  We've been working on the beds.  A couple of years ago I set out an awesome raised bed system for my garden.  We purchased a large roll of greenhouse fabric and rolled it out, pinned it down and then set the beds out on it.  We did open the areas below the beds and then filled the beds with organic soil, compost, and manure.  The beds have settled a bit so I'm adding more manure and dirt to some of them.

I am going to take my trusty soil thermometer out today and see just what temperature the soil is.  I have potatoes ready for planting and some onion sets plus I still want to plant my greens!!!!  Surely it will be time soon with the warm temps.  In the meantime, I'm sowing seeds indoors in my flats.  Brocolli, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and flowers........tons and tons of flowers...flowers for cutting and bringing indoors.  Some of the extra goodies will be sold off the farm and through www.nebraskafood.org again this year.

My goal is to finish filling in the flower beds in the front of the property.  Across the front road we set a fence.  On the outside of the fence we've planted lilac bushes.  On the inside we've set Iris and Peonies with a large group of Rhubarb in the center.  As fill I will be planting annuals and perenials.

I moved the Roses to behind the house last fall.  Between them I've planted all my garlic and moved all my chives.  I will also be adding some Perinal plants to these beds......mostly herbs and the like since it's by the back door and closer to my kitchen.  This bed will be backed with a white picket fence this year.

The Poppy/Daisy bed was established around our light pole and some Mock Orange Bushes last fall and I'm excited to see it bloom this year.  As I child I remember the poppy bed my Aunt Lovenia had around her propane tank.  Beautiful!  And, I've always loved daisies!

I'm expanding my Echnicea (purple cone flower) bed to the full length of the fence row in front of the Chicken house this year.  Actually some of the Echnicea will be ready to dig and make medicinals from the roots this year.  My Blackberries are on the back side of this row.  We love eating the berries and making tea from the leaves.

The bed on the north side of the house is being removed and I hope to finish that this year and get the Ferns and Lily of the Valley established.  The people before us put a raised bed up past the siding on the house.....an invitation for termites.  The South House shade bed needs to be finished this year also.

The old fashioned Spirea bushes I planted around the front porch are growing nicely and will be beautiful once they are big and the rails are installed around the front porch of the house.

Lots to do and can't wait to get it all established.  My friend, Yolanda, is picking me up today and we are going to Menards in Lincoln.  I'm hoping to pick up a gate kit for my picket fence.  Can't start the fence until I see how the gate fits in it, right?  LOL

I'll post these same pictures later when everything is pretty!

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