Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loose Weight?

Most of us want to loose weight and it is the source of New Years resolutions every year.  I felt that I needed to mention what I think is the real key to loosing weight in America.

Eat Smaller Portions of More Nutrient Dense Foods

Smaller Portions:
We have to remember that way back when our ancestors ate those huge meals, and remember how hard they worked.  Most of them did HARD manual labor.  They didn't have the tractors and fancy gadgets we have today to make our lives easier.  Thus our portions today are way to big.  We eat way to much meat and starches compared to our vegetables.

After creating my Beef Stock the other day this is what we had for supper......Raw Carrots and Snap peas, 1/2 cup potato salad and 1/2 cup shredded beef with barbeque sauce on it.  I probably should have had more raw veggies on this plate and it appears that I have to much potato salad.  I could have had a bun with my beef (like my hubby did), but I really didn't need the carbs as I just did sewing today and no gardening.

Nutrient Dense

What do I mean by nutrient dense?  Nutrient dense foods are those foods that contain the highest nutrient value per ounce.  Example the plate above:  Organic raw vegetables have been proven to have more nutrients that commercially grown GMO crops.  Organic farmers care about the soil.  Without soil high in nutrients there are little to no real nutrients pulled up into the vegetables.  While the potatoes are cooked, they are heritage, organic potatoes as are the onions.  The eggs are from free-range, organic grain chickens.  Plus I added some fermented Dill pickles to the mix.  The beef....nothing but the best for my table.  Pure, grass-fed beef full of that valuable CLA, B vitamins and more!

Eating this way may not give you huge instant pounds off but you didn't gain all that weight all at once (unless it's baby weight) so taking it off more slowly will assure your not gaining it all right back again.


I would be amiss if I didn't say that the other key is to Move!!!  Get into some walking and other physical exercise, you'll be glad you did.

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