Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daylilies Bed Three


I have thousands of Daylilies. Way to many. I purchased them from a well known wholesale grower about 5 years ago. 

We have 4 long beds of Daylilies. The will ALL be moved from these beds this spring so I am looking to sell lots of Daylilies this summer and fall before they are all moved. I paid $3.95 a fan for my original Daylilies and I'm selling them for just $1.00 a fan if you come to the farm. I have also listed them with Nebraska Food Coop at $6 for a group of 5 fans. A 'fan' is a single plant. Sometimes when they are dug they are in clumps of 4-6 fans or more. We dig them and then pull them apart to sell to you. If you are interested in purchasing Daylilies email us at


Flowers will be pictured from South to North. This is the Third bed in from the East.
Orange. Begins blooming late June
Pretty stripped Apricot. Mid height. Begins blooming early July

Ivory with yellow/green throat and yellow edges. Tall. Beginns Blooming late June

Lovely Apricot with Pink and a green throat lined with yellow. Begins Blooming July

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