Friday, March 16, 2012

Prayers and Quilts

My quilt group, Prayers and Quilts, from Auburn met at my house on Thursday.  Four ladies came and sat around my table as we learned a new Quilt Square and began the appliques  Margaret read from Psalms 121. Of course we began with prayer.

I liked the square so much I decided to make one for myself.  This one is great for watching TV with my hubby or working on in the car.  Simple but Striking! 

Moon Over The Mountain
12.5 inch block

For 1 block:

1 - 12.5 inch square (background - dark (it's night)
1 - 8.5 inch square (moon - light)
1 - 8.5 inch square of non-fusible interfacing
1 - 13.25 inch square, cut in quarter square triangles (mountain-medium - need 1/4 of square per block)

  1. Crease the moon fabric in both directions to find center. 
  2. Use a compass to draw a 8.5 inch circle on the fabric.  Cut out.  Place circle right side toward interfacing.  Sew around outside.  Cut interfacing to match size of circle.  Snip a slit in the interfacing.  Turn moon right side out.  Press
  3. Crease lightly the background square to find center.  Center moon on back ground.  Pin.  Hand or maching applique moon to background.
  4. Press edges of Mountain peaks back.  Place at the bottom of your block with peak on moon.  Applique in place.
For 20 blocks you will need

2.5 yards dark - Background
1 yard light - Moon
2/3 yard medium - Mountain
1 yard non-fusible Interfacting

This will make a 48 x 60 inch quilt without sashing (if you desire) or borders and the backing.  Have fun!

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