Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Maple Syrup Time

If  you are still buying "Pancake Syrup" you are missing out.  Not only are you not getting a pure product but, 'Pancake Syrup' is typically made from water, sugar of some kind and maple FLAVORING.  We love pure maple syrup with all the 'natural' ingredients only place in there by our Father God, the Creator!

 If you've followed my BLOGS or know me at all you know that I love, love, love small family farms and support them whenever I can.  When I ran out of our Pure, Organic Maple syrup I knew I didn't want to buy it from just my typical supplier and definately did not want to get it through the local store or warehouse.  I've heard stories about horrible additives that is sometimes added to even pure maple syrup and these additives don't have to be listed on the label.  Yes, that might have been cheaper a cheaper route to go but there are just things that must be purchased direct.  Why?

When you buy from a small, local producer you trust you just know what is in your product......or rather what isn't in your product.  How did I find Branon Maple Farm?  Well first of all I asked around on different lists I was part of, then I went to their web site and what did I find?

Every year Branon Family Farms enters the team of horses in the Vermont Maple Festival Parade, which takes place here in Franklin County in the spring. The word traditional or traditions is important for this family, and so is generations.

I was convinced after reading the web site that they are a family that loves what they do.  Yes, they are in Vermont but Maple syrup is not processed in Nebraska so Local was out but, small family farm was still important.

Ordering my gallon of pure, organic maple syrup was easy using the cart on the web site and my gallon of syrup was received in record time! And talk about taste!  I wasn't disappointed.  You will love any of the syrups or products you order from this great family farm.  The Price?  Couldn't be beat for what I got!  Order some today, you'll be glad you did.

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