Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's This and That

Welcome to Newsie Monday! 

Two 'winter' tornados hit North Platte, Nebraska last night destroying homes, knocking trains off the tracks and injuring at least two people.

Please, Please pray for all the people affected by the storms!

I'm sure people are walking around numb this morning and the real damage will not be seen until it gets light out today.

Tomorrow is the first official day of spring.  It seems that we've had a little taste of early summer in the last couple of weeks.  I hope we are not going to get hit by late frosts.  I planted like a crazy woman this weekend.  Got all my potatoes in, some green onions, lettuce, Kale, Chard, Mesclin Mix, Turnips and more.  This morning I'm going to run out and plant the Beets I didn't get in's suppose to rain off and on all week.  Perfect timing!

I was thinking quilting on Saturday when I was planting and I planted one of my 4x8 foot beds in Quilt fashion!  I can't wait until it comes up so I can show you what I did......I can't wait until I see what I did.  LOL

My Harvest Moon Over the Mountain quilt blocks have been started.  I was inspired by our last Prayers & Quilts meeting so I picked up the material.  Of course, what I wanted wasn't in 'the stash'.  I've got to work on my Mystery Quilt for my Nebraska City guild this week also so it will be a quilting party all week long.  I'll post pictures on the Facebook page as we go along so if you haven't liked Grandma Farmer on facebook, you better do it today or you'll miss out.

We are getting a new buckling tomorrow.  Making the trip to Topeka to pick him up.  His mother is an OUTSTANDING milker and we are very thankful to Goddard Farms for sharing him with us.

His name will be Goddard Farms Jared  and will be the proud pappa of most of our 2013 kids.  He is one of the brown kids pictured.

We have Boer Meat Goat kids due to be on the ground in May and ready for processing in March 2013.  Order early as we already have two reserved.

We will have Fresh, Raw Goat Milk available June through December.  Supplies might be limited so get your spot soon!  Milk will be $3.50 a half gallon.

Visit FOOTSTEPS BEHIND ME soon and see if I'm researching any of your (our) family sir names!

I've been building this blog and expect to begin blogging on it by the end of the week.  It's been difficult to get all the pages complete so I can share with you what directions we are going with these first 5 generations to be compliled in a book with the above name and published (hopefully) in 2015.

The picture posted here is of Aquilla Hall, a popular Stella, Nebraska figure in the 1800's.  Aquilla love young people and worked with and for them.  He was also popular among the adults and served in public office in Nemaha County.

Aquilla, is a handsome dude with crystal blue eyes.  He is Mike's 4th Great Maternal Grandfather.


We are excited to announce that Erin S.  is the winner of our last give-away!  She gets a free $15 gadget from PLEASANT HILL GRAIN.  Congrat's Erin!  Special thanks for Pleasant Hill Grain of Aurora, Nebraska for participating in our kick-off give-away!  No give away's this week but watch for special announcements and a new give-away next week!

As usual watch this week for some new and marvelous Gluten-Free Recipes from
Grandma's Kitchen!


  1. The odd part is while we are getting tornados binstead of snow places like arizona receives 2 ft of snow! Crazy weather for sure!